Manage your IT operations

For all your operational needs, including:

Broken connections and

You manage the tools your company uses, but what happens when you
don't have the right tool to maintain your own processes and projects?

Chaotic requests​

Everybody in your organization has IT needs, so tracking requests can become messy, priorities get misaligned, or work simply falls through the cracks.​

Off-track offboarding​

Without a consistent process to keep track of employees that are coming and going, you can be exposed to security threats and time-consuming inconsistencies.​

Deployment delays​

Without a single place to track all the steps from A to Z, rolling out new software or processes for your organization can take longer than it needs to.​

Get more work done
with cross-team power

Easily collaborate with external and internal
stakeholders while managing large projects and
are more efficient
send fewer internal emails
enjoy calmer team communication
rely less on group chat
can focus better on work
report a more in sync team

Setup your business for success without compromising fro security

Admin Controls

Manage channel and message settings

User Permissions

Map custom fields and user groups

Authentication Features

Prevent unauthorized access

Data Privacy

Secure and retain your data