Who We Are

We believe Your Business Ideas are what will drive humanity into the future,
and we exits to give you the foundation upon which they flourish and thrive.

Why We're Here

Our founders Dave Newmuis and Ankit Panchamia have worked at the largest Financial and Educational institutions in the world. As entrepreneurs from a young age, they grew frustrated by how difficult it was to answer the question. "What do we choose?" as a hoard of software emerged that only helped them complete 1 function.

To help their remote team manage their work, they built an internal
tool, and collective productivity skyrocketed.
Everyone moved forward with more confidence and clarity.

Inspired by how much more they could do by helping teams
everywhere achieve greater clarity, Dave and Ankit founded
Operwell, and they've been focused on building the bridge between
You and economic success, ever since.

Why Choose Operwell?

Dave and Ankit believe we perform our minds are sharpest and our effort is optimal when our environment is at peace and tranquil.
Operwell is designed to bring ease, clarity, and flow into your
working life.

Operwell comes from blending the phrase "Operate Well" into
a harmonious union.

No matter where you are in the world...
your business ready to Operate Well with Operwell.​​​